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This design featured a combination of wood burning and staining to achieve a multi-dimensional look similar to edge-gluing pieces of different kinds of wood together.

The project started with an edge-glued panel cut down to 48″ x 16″ that was prepped by sanding with 150 up to 320 grit sandpaper. The design was first drawn onto the wood using a pencil, and then traced using a wood burner with a “universal tip.” Appropriate areas were then shaded using a wood burner with a “spade tip.”

Masking tape was used to protect areas of the wood that would not be stained with the darker (Minwax Expresso) color. After this stain had been applied, wiped off, and dried, the remaining wood was stained using Minwax Special Walnut. The tabletop was finished with six coats of glossy wipe-on polyurethane.