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The purpose of this project was to extend the width of my windowsill so that there is enough room to open my window while keeping plants near the light. Since I rent my apartment, I wanted to create a standalone ledge shelf that wouldn’t require me to fasten anything directly to the windowsill or wall. My solution was to create a type of tiny table that uses the existing ledge as two of the legs.

The legs for this table were created using copper pipe since it is easy to cut to a custom length. The legs were attached to the shelf by drilling holes through the endcaps so that they could be fastened to the shelf with a screw, and then the legs could be fastened to them with epoxy glue (though it turned out that the pipe fit tightly enough into the ends that glue was not needed). I finished the shelf with wipe-on polyurethane to protect from splashes when watering my plants.