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Exploring User-Defined Back-Of-Device Gestures for Mobile Devices

Many studies have highlighted the advantages of expanding the input space of mobile devices by utilizing the back of the device. We extend this work by performing an elicitation study to explore users’ mapping of gestures to smartphone commands and identify their criteria for using back-of-device gestures. Using the data collected from our study, we present elicited gestures and highlight common user motivations, both of which inform the design of back-of-device gestures for mobile interaction.


S. S. A. Shimon, S. Morrison-Smith, N. John, G. Fahimi, and J. Ruiz, Exploring User-Defined Back-Of-Device Gestures for Mobile Interaction, Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Service (MobileHCI ’15). ACM, 227-232.

Image credit: Android Authority